About Me

Hey my name is Beth Sturdivant and I live in Charlotte,NC with my husband and 2 children near by. I am very excited to  get this website going!!

I nearly lost my life 5 years ago by being poisoned by transmission power lines being to close to my house.  As you can imagine many people/doctors have not heard of this and the few that do know about it don’t really have any remedy’s for it except avoid exposure to electro-magnetic fields…

This was not an acceptable answer for me I refused to have to neglect the technology I have come to love and be isolated from society because everywhere you go there’s man-made EMF exposures.

So with my determination and my many days and nights of prayer I have found remedies to my problem and now I can share them with the world; to hopefully prevent another family from experiencing what mine did or to help someone experiencing Electro-Sensitivity by providing them with the hope that they too can get their life back!!

Well thats just a little about me…I hope you follow the blog to learn more…  Also if you have any question PLEASE message me or leave a comment!!!

Also if you would like to schedule an appointment with me to develop a healing plan  just message me!!!  If you aren’t in the charlotte,nc area we can meet via Skype 🙂






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