As I tell everyone there are 3 parts to healing:


The Mind:  Which our nutritional products and supplements take care of, because if your brain is  properly fed you will be able to think clearer your body will function better and you will make over all better decisions if the body’s control center (the brain) gets the nutrition it needs.  SO we must feed the brain with purest nutrition possible especially when in sick state.  All the products and supplements which aren’t many I take and use regularly myself. When the body has food that is cell absorbable and does not have to be broken down thru the 3 layers of the stomach it causes no extra stress on the body and allows for more energy to go towards healing.

  • We test each person for which nutritional and all natural supplements they may need as well as for how much the person should take so that we can help neutralize the acidity of the body and bring it to a more alkaline state so it can heal.  All products that we recommend are products that we use, if we don’t use it we won’t recommend it.

The  Physical Body:  This would be what all the gadgets we have are for and different light therapies and reflex therapies that help speed the body’s repair.  All these different tools we use allow your body to become energized, they get your energies flowing properly and they also aid your body in detoxing naturally.

  • We have a MRS 2000, Light therapy, bio disc, aqua chi foot detox, compass machine.   We use which ever gadgets are best suited for your healing.  All these machines are great for maintenance as well as they all help the energy flow in the body and thats what it is all about.

Spiritual/Emotional:  This would be the root cause of the body’s malfunction.  So here we deal with releasing any negative emotions from our past starting from the time we were in our mother’s womb.  Unless you release these emotions your body will keep producing the chemical causing sickness in the body.

  • For this we use young living essential oils to help you release your emotions by using different alarm points on the body that correspond to different emotions we experience.  We also have different prayers that we use if a person would like to do those.


Zyto Compass Scan & Emotional Release                    Aqua Chi Foot Bath

  Bio Disc 2 : Charge Your BODY                          MRS 2000+


Send me a message, or Email me I am here to help YOU!!



Don’t hesitate to ask questions leave comments, I love to hear your feedback


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